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= connection


Sisar Kuu means Sister Moon in Finnish. Moon is a powerful feminine presence. Moon is the most beautiful allie for us women – when we are in sync with her cycles, we feel connected to the flow of the nature, the universe and our natural state. When we are in sync with her cycles we are fertile, open and receptive. Moon is forever waxing and waning – and so are we, Wombmen, flowing, bleeding and growing with her. We are born with a womb, a mystical and magical void between the worlds. We are born to be radiant embodiments of Shakti, feminine energy, that is the creative force that is forever flowing, creating and giving life to all that is, was and will be. The womb is where our wisdom lies. The womb is the leading voice, the guidance, the home of our feminine essence. The womb is the beginning of the creation, the pulse and the rhythm that we dance to.




= wisdom


Today the most courageous thing a woman can do is to live connected to the wisdom of her womb. The most powerful act of love towards the self and towards the world is to re-connect to our higher selves, to our feminine wisdom, the womb. Moving away from the head-centered masculine ways of perceiving the reality and towards the womb-based feminine ways of flowing with the nature is the most beautiful journey - a journey that can only be taken through the heart. The heart is where the wisdom of the womb will be anchored and through which it will radiate.



= healing


Women are magical creatures and the power of sisterhood is our greatest secret and asset. Wise is the woman who loves her sister, supports her and co-creates with her. Wise is the sister who leaves behind all competition and envy between women, and is willing to step onto the path of a Wise Woman. With the support of our sisters we can create worlds.

Your sister, Emma ❤