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medicine woman, founding mother

SISTER MOON Life Cycle Services

My name is Emma Takko, I am 31 years old and live in Sotkamo, Finland, in the wilds of Finnish Nature. I love spending time in nature, skinny dipping in natural waters, foraging for food, picking and drying wild herbs and flowers, creating art and music and running barefeet in the forest.

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient since birth - you could call me a natural psychic. Or a witch, I prefer this one. I follow the Wise Woman Path of healing - the deeper understanding, that everything is already perfect and that everything is forever healing and transforming naturally, yet there is always so much we can do to support this natural and holistic process of unfolding and healing. I believe that everything is connected and that any disease or discomfort on physical level has a deeper root cause on spiritual, emotional and energetic levels. I put a lot of emphasis on the healing of the emotional body, trauma release and transforming fear into empowerment.

I feel called to work with my Sisters, with the Carriers of the Womb. All women are divine portals between this physical world and the world of Spirit, whether or not we choose to give birth in this lifetime. We carry the Universal Womb within us, the birthplace of All that Is. We flow with the Cycles of The Moon and bring the intuitive, feminine wisdom into this world. I feel especially called to work with pregnancy, birth and post-partum - but my work and passion for healing extends through all Cycles of Life.

I gave birth at 29 to my first child Taiga at home. She is Freeborn and Lotus Born. I want to share my intuitive wisdom of natural childbirth and support women who are ready to embark the deep inner journey of healing that leads towards a Natural and Trauma Free Birth. I share wisdom of the Lotus Birth, and want to help and encourage everyone to really see through and move beyond the fear based programmings and conditionings around Childbirth. You deserve to be a healthy, happy and fear-free Mama, and to give birth as Nature intended.

We are Bringing the Miracle back to Birth.

I studied Educational Sciences in University of Helsinki, before embarking the path of Traditional Healing. I am an intuitive healer, and my work is a combination of various different healing traditions. I work with vibrational medicine, energy medicine, herbal medicine, shamanic healing and emotional healing. I am a Siddha Kundalini healer and practicioner, and have been initiated to be a channel for powerful energy of Shaktipat. This age old lineage has kept the ancient wisdom of the Siddhas alive through thousands of years in India, and the energies have just recently been opened up to the collective, as the Collective Consciousness has reached a certain vibrational level. I work with ancient Light Technology and hold a Crystal Nursery, through which crystals come to heal and be reprogrammed, to then continue their work in new homes.

My message to the humanity is this: We are powerful beyond belief. By breaking through the beliefs and the conditionings that limit our potential as human beings, we become the Human that we really are. Homo Luminous. The Ascended Human. The Multidimensional Human. It is time to access our full potential, to live a life of joy and abundance, free from trauma and dependency. We deserve this, as we are the love we have been looking for.

You are perfect and have all the tools you need within you - let me help you unlock the potential within you, powerful and beautiful Human Being!