Birth Doula

As a birth doula I offer myself to be in the service of a birthing mother throughout the birth of her child. I choose to work with homebirths - I recognize every birth as sacred and holy, no matter where they take place, but my personal calling is to work with mothers who give birth at home. I will be there fully for you: hold space, offer emotional and physical support to the mother, offer energetic or physical healing, natural remedies (flower remedies, homeopathy, etheric oils, touch, massage, gua sha, crystals etc.) and full presence of my being to the support of the mother and baby. I will help the baby to have a conscious and gentle entering into this world and guide their soul through the transition of birth.

I have full faith in a woman's ability to give birth and a child's ability to be born into this world - I bring this faith and trust with me into the birthing space, and this alone can be transformational.