Emotional Healing & Trauma Release

Humans have lived a long time now without the understanding of our Multidimensional Selves, which has led to misconceptions about health and healing. My sacred duty here is to share this wisdom about the Human Being, the system of bodies we operate with and how to access the real root causes of disease and illness in the physical body or on mental and emotional levels.
I work with individuals who have embarked a path of healing, are ready to take full responsibility of their own healing and understand that anything and everything can be healed. Until you are in this human body, you can heal it. And I can help you on your journey of uncovering everything that is out of alignment with your true self and perfect health.

This journey of healing takes dedication and full surrender - the ego, all conditionings, behavioral patterns, mind chatter, non-supportive belief systems, emotional blockages will be uncovered and brought into the light of consciousness. The physical body will be purified through different exercises, yogic kriyas, nutrition and sessions of emotional and energetic healing, vibrational medicine and shamanic healing techniques.

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