The Splendid Unicorn collection

These pieces of hand-made crystal and silver jewelry has been created in the loving and uplifting energies of our beloved friends, unicorns! Unicorns are magical beings, symbols of innocence and carriers of soft feminine energy. They are especially friends of children, babies and pregnant mothers, but are beautiful guides of anyone who truly believes in Magic. These masters of Transformation give us the power to start anew, bringing grace to the new beginnings in our lives.

White Jade – Powerful light within the stone purifies your heart and helps to align high spiritual energies, brings peace and calm, eases a troubled mind and brings energies of love into your life. Helps to improve fertility and protects mother and the baby through pregnancy.

Amazonite – Protects from and cleanses away electromagnetic smog, softens the heart and soothes the soul and the spirit. Used by female warriors it gets its name from, it helps to temper aggression and irrationality, encouraging truth and courage. A talisman of healing and prosperity.

Pink Jade – Powerful yet gentle healer, rids body of toxins and heals the nervous system, balances hormonal imbalances, encourages love, wealth and protection. Holds the energies of wisdom, justice and compassion.

Silver – Brings the wearer in tune with the flow of the universe, bringing positive energies and minerals into the body and draws out negative energies. Enhances the energies of the moon and helps regulate emotional and intuitive energies. Enhances the qualities of all crystals. Element of water.

Pearl – Faith, charity and innocence, symbolizes purity and sincerity. Soothing, calming, bringing happiness and peace. Especially good for babies, children and pregnant mothers. Balancing for emotions, water element.


Artemis collection

Artemis is the goddess of the wild, the forests, of hunt, blood and the moon. She’s the twin sister of the Sun God Apollo. Being the Goddess of childbirth and virginity, she’s also the protector of young children, and brings healing to especially women. She arms herself with a bow and her arrow never misses the target.

Hematite – Powerful crystal for the root chakra, eases in times of worry and stress. Protects from and absorbs negative energies. Helps you to stay grounded and in balance in challenging situations. Helps healing the blood, increases absorption of iron and helps to recreate red blood cells.

White Jade - Powerful light within the stone purifies your heart and helps to align high spiritual energies, brings peace and calm, eases a troubled mind and brings energies of love into your life. Energies of prosperity, wisdom, justice and compassion. Helps in healing bitterness and anger from the heart. Improves fertility and protects mom and baby through pregnancy.

Woodcock feather – As a spirit animal, woodcock teaches us to pay attention to proper timing in our lives. It can remain motionless for a long time, completely unnoticed, until the right moment presents itself – then it moves really quickly and uses the element of surprise. It has a 360-vision and helps us to see the greater picture, and to use our intuition in understanding the deeper reasons for situations. Encourages vocal impression in form of chanting or singing.

This particular bird flew into our window and died into my hands as I blessed its spirit to return to other realms. A beautiful messenger from animal kingdom, abundant offerings from Mother Nature. Feathers collected and cleansed by me. Remember to stay patient and wait for the right moment, when it presents itself – don’t hesitate, but put in the inspired action the situation requires, and magic will happen.


yoni collection

The Yoni Collection was born in the days of the Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/18. I intended to create a very powerful talisman for myself to bring about the energies of Creativity, Fertility and Divine Feminine. The talisman came out so beautiful, that my sisters inspired me to create as many pieces as I could with the remaining ingredients - and this it what came through! Every piece is infused with Shaktipat energy transmission and blessed by the Divine Mother. Each Yoni is Unique!

I love each piece of this collection like my own Yoni, and really wish for each of them to find the human who will carry her with the most intense love and grace. Let’s celebrate the Yoni, the Portal Between the Worlds, the Source of All Life. Namaste.

Created with love out of shell, pearls from the Philippines and sacred geometry symbols from the Himalayas, India.