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Life cycle services

Sister Moon Magic - via Skype or phone

How may I support you?
Guidance session that is adjusted to the needs of the person in their specific situation. What ever you are going through or need support with, I will hold space for you, offer my energy channel for your healing, and let you remember that you are whole and holy. I love you <3

I’ll share tools & remedies, give energy healing, consult, support… what ever you need, I’m there for you.

1 session - 80€h/1h
3 sessions - 70€ x 3

(inc VAT 24%)

Crystal Guidance - via Skype or phone

Psychic reading & crystal consultation
Reading of the subtle bodies and energies
Guidance on selecting and using crystals according to your needs

 (inc VAT 24%)

Yoni Egg Guidance

Guidance on selecting the perfect yoni egg for your Sacred Yoni

Eggs 50/60e + Guidance 30 min FREE
(Book your session before purchasing a Yoni Egg)


Siddha Kundalini Healing

A transformational channeled healing session with a Crystal Mandala

More information:

1 session - 120€/ 1,5h
3 sessions - 90€/1,5h x 3

(inc VAT 24%)

Pregnancy & Birth

Natural pregnancy support for mothers-to-be
* natural remedies, essential oils, practices and tools for a wholesome and gentle pregnancy and birth
* emotional support in the process of being born into motherhood - no matter if it’s your first child of fifth, it’s always a journey!
* wise woman way of pregnancy and childbirth

Single meeting - 80€/ 75min
3 meetings - 70€/75min

(inc VAT 24%)

9-month Wise Woman- support through pregnancy until
birth and beyond
* Twice a month, 1h Skype/ phone call with me for support, healing and sharing
* Essential oils for pregnancy and birth
* Herbs, crystals, natural remedies and tools for gentle and natural pregnancy and birth
* emotional support and sisterhood that is so needed throughout the transformational journey to become a mother
* Anything and everything you need on your special journey into motherhood
* Printable positive affirmation cards for birth
* Reading list of inspiring books
* Heartfelt support from a natural mother to another, from sister to sister

pay at once 1200€

(inc VAT 24%)


Lotus Birth

Practical guidance and “how-to” for a Full Lotus Birth

Why Lotus Birth?
* sharing from my personal experience of Lotus Birth with our daughter
* inspiring reading etc. links and materials
* practical guidance and how-to so your are ready and prepared when it is time
* herbs, essential oils, crystals etc.

80€/ 90min

(inc VAT 24%)

Private ceremony for cycles of life

Mother’s blessings, women’s circles, womb healing circles etc.
Ceremonies for all Passages of Life

Please contact for an offer

Events, Seminars, Lectures & Keynotes
Please contact for an offer

At Euforia Spa in Vuokatti

Medicine Bath

Donation will be made to grassroots charity organisation Anahatama to support their mission of bringing fresh water to our brothers and sisters in rural India and running an orphanage <3

individually created bath experience for detox, muscle/ joint pain, relaxation, insomnia, stress, self-nourishment, skin issues etc.
* The bath will be mixed of an individualised blend of essential oils, salts, herbs, flowers (dried or seasonal), fruits, algae, crystals, activated charcoal, honey, coconut milk, etc. amazing, organic and luxurious ingredients
* face and head treatment with cold pressed special oils like cucumber, baobab, pomegranate etc.
* elements of sound healing with singing crystal bowl, kochi chimes, sound forks etc. for further relaxation and healing

120€/ 1,5h
(inc VAT 24%)

* add to your experience - Cloud’s Clay facial with millions of years old clay
- incredibly detoxing and healing clay from a shaman’s caves in Spain

(inc VAT 24%)

Tibetan Honey Massage with essential oils

50min/ half massage 70€ or 1h/ full body massage 90€

Tibetan Honey Massage is an ancient treatment that has been practiced in Asia and Eastern Europe for hundreds of years. Honey is full of minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. It also consists of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics.
Honey is applied on the skin and massaged with a special technique until it turns white and has drawn enough toxins out of the body. Honey is then gently washed off and treatment is finished off with an oil massage.

Therapeutic grade essential oils (dōTerra) are applied according to the needs of the customer - relaxing, calming, uplifting, whatever the situation is.

70€/ 90€

(inc VAT24%)

White Magic
Intuitive Energy Healing and Reading

Reading and analysis of your subtle bodies and aura, vibrational/ energy/ sound/ herbal medicine prescribed as needed, energy healing to balance your chakras and helpful tools for self-healing practice.

I do not heal you, you heal yourself. I assist you on the journey, guide you and help you to see what is not visible to you yet. You have everything you need, you are right where you should be. <3

110€/ 75min

(Inc VAT24%)