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Life cycle services

Crystal Guidance

Psychic reading & crystal consultation
Reading of the subtle bodies and energies and guidance on selecting crystals

Crystal Healing

All sessions online or at the Crystal Nursery, Sotkamo

120€/ 75min


Yoni Egg Guidance

Guidance on selecting the perfect yoni egg for your Sacred Yoni

Eggs 50/60e + Guidance 30 min FREE
(Book your session before purchasing a Yoni Egg)



General consultation & reading & healing

120€/ 75min


Siddha Kundalini Healing

A transformational channeled healing session with a Crystal Mandala

130€/ 1,5h


Pregnancy & Birth

Reading, emotional guidance & healing, consultation

120€/ 75min


Lotus Birth

Practical guidance for Lotus Birth

120€/ 75min

Private ceremony

Mother’s blessings, women’s circle, womb healing circle etc.
Ceremonies for all Passages of Life

Please contact for an offer

Events, Seminars, Lectures & Keynotes
Please contact for an offer

The prices are per single session. If you wish to establish a longer healing Journey with me, the prices will be adjusted according to situation. Do not hesitate to contact me, as I’ll always try to find a way to help, especially if you are experiencing rapid awakening and need tools to ground yourself in the new frequencies. Love.