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Life cycle services

Sister Moon Magic

Psychic reading of the auric body and current situation, balancing and cleansing energy healing session that is adjusted to the needs of the person in the specific situation, homework, life style guidance etc.

1 session - 120€/1,5h
3 sessions - 90€ x 3

Crystal Guidance

Psychic reading & crystal consultation
Reading of the subtle bodies and energies and guidance on selecting crystals



Yoni Egg Guidance

Guidance on selecting the perfect yoni egg for your Sacred Yoni

Eggs 50/60e + Guidance 30 min FREE
(Book your session before purchasing a Yoni Egg)



General consultation & life coaching session

1 session - 110€/ 75min
3 sessions - 80€/75min x 3


Siddha Kundalini Healing

A transformational channeled healing session with a Crystal Mandala

1 session - 120€/ 1,5h
3 sessions - 90€/1,5h x 3


Pregnancy & Birth

Reading, emotional guidance & healing, consultation

1 session - 110€/ 75min

3 sessions - 80€/ 75min x 3


Lotus Birth

Practical guidance and “how-to” for a Full Lotus Birth

- the importance and meaning of Lotus Birth, umbilical trauma etc.
- reading tips, what you need, how to prepare etc.

120€/ 90min

Private ceremony

Mother’s blessings, women’s circles, womb healing circles etc.
Ceremonies for all Passages of Life

Please contact for an offer

Events, Seminars, Lectures & Keynotes
Please contact for an offer