Pregnancy Doula

I offer guidance, consultation, support, emotional healing, physical healing, energetic healing and clearing of conditionings, emotional blockages and negative programming about birth. The earlier in pregnancy it is, or maybe you are just now starting to consider consciously conceiving, the better time to start preparing for the birth and working with releasing the traumas and blockages from the bodies, so that the physical body will be able to open up and do what it naturally does. I will share with you all my wisdom about natural birth and various methods in helping the mind to relax and the body to prepare for gentle birth.

- Entering Birth Trance
- Relaxing the mind
- Clearing of emotional blockages & trauma
- Emotional support & guidance
- Natural Birth & Lotus Birth & Home Birth
- Pain relief & natural remedies for birth
- Energy healing & vibrational medicine
- Relationship & father's role
- Etc.