Siddha Kundalini Healing

Siddha Kundalini tradition is a combination of ancient tantric, yogic and shamanic practices. This healing practice utilizes ancient technologies, crystals, mandalas, alchemical medicine Navapashanam and the healing energies of Kundalini Shakti and Sanjeevni Shakti, joined together as Shaktipat energy. The transmission of Shaktipat is conducted in Savasana, laying on your back in deep state of relaxation.

The Siddha Lineage holds the wisdom of ancient science and technologies that bring about healing beyond the limitations of the physical body - accessing multidimensional levels of healing. The technique focuses on purifying mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our beings in order to enable us to transcend beyond the limitations of the egoic mind.

Siddha Kundalini healing session

Building a personalized crystal mandala and transmission of Shaktipat in Savasana.

The session lasts about 1,5h


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