Green Tara - Green Quartz

Green Tara - Green Quartz


This incredible Himalayan Citrine has been created into an incredible ring by my friend Jai in the Indian Himalayas.

Green Tara is usually depicted as a compassionate being ready to step down from her lotus throne to offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings we experience in the world. This Green Quartz offers the same qualities of comfort, protection and soothing for emotional suffering.

This spectacularly cut Green Quartz hold so much light, gentle Heart Chakra vibrations and extremely healing, soothing energy. Green Quartz helps to transform negativity into love, and to stabilise emotions.

This beautiful crystal has been set in a blooming flower design, and it is very feminine. This big stone radiates so much healing - it’s a real statement ring as the stone is big and powerful. <3

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