Mother of All Hearts

Mother of All Hearts


(Earrings not included, they’re called Maria Magdalene and sold separately)

This bracelet is put together of rainbow fluorite, white jade, amazonite and silver beads. The sacred symbol is shri yantra, the Mother of All yantras, associated with Goddess Lakshmi - the Goddess of Abundance. The crystal in the middle of the yantra is a labradorite, the stone of mystics, magic and transformation.

Amazonite clears away EMF (Electromagnetic Fog) and has a very calming and soothing energy. White jade brings her ability to align higher spiritual energies and to purify, and rainbow fluorite (the green shade has been used here) is an exceptionally good emotional equalizer and the green shade works especially with the Heart Chakra. Silver brings in the elements of Moon and Water, along with her healing minerals and capacity to enhance the power of all crystals.

Made to you lovingly to heal the Heart, to Ease the Mind and to bring Calm to the Spirit.

Please measure your wrist and write the measurements down in the additional info- box, so I can adjust the bracelet according to your measurements <3

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