The Grounded Heart

The Grounded Heart


This bracelet is for someone who wants powerful grounding and protection to their energy field. Hematite grounds and strengthens the Root Chakra, as well as protects your energy field from low vibrational (perceived “negative“) energies, helping you to stay more in your own aura instead of blending with all the energies around you. Amazonite brings soothing and balancing to the Heart Chakra, as well as protects from and clears away EMF (Electromagnetic Fog). Especially good for someone who uses a lot of technology or spends a lot of time on computer screen. Amazonite got her name from the Amazons, female warriors who used to wear this crystal to keep them centered in their Heart Space and to keep a clear mind free of fear and stress.

The sacred symbol is shri yantra, the Mother of All Yantras and is also associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance. The stone on the symbol is labradorite, the stone of mystics, magic and transformation. Silver beads bring in the energies of Moon and Water, and healing minerals, as well as helps to power all the other crystals.

Please measure your wrist and write the measurements down in the additional info- box, so I can adjust the bracelet according to your measurements <3

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