Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess


These earrings are for a true Warrior Princess, the Goddess of the Wild.

Hematite is a powerful grounding crystal, known for her powers to heal the blood and to ground you into the Earth and stabilize your Root Chakra like no other stone. Hematite works with the physical body, helping you to stay grounded and in your own power even in the most challenging moments of life. Amazonite clears away and protects from EMF (Electromagnetic Fog), and is excellent to wear around your head to keep your mind from fogging up. Amazonite got her name from the Amazons, female warriors who used to wear this crystal to keep them centered in their Heart Space and to keep a clear mind free of fear and stress. She also holds very loving energies that work powerfully with the Heart Chakra. Silver beads bring about the vibrations of Moon and Water, helping you to stay connected to your feminine side, cycles of the Moon and the flow of Water, finding your way in life with grace and ease.

The little feathers are from the wings of a woodcock, a beautiful bird with 360-view, who reminds us to be aware of the bigger picture, to always be able to look at things from a wider perspective.

Lovingly put together for focus, grounded attention and Heart Centered Warrior Spirit.

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