Terms + Conditions


Sisar Kuu by Emma Takko operates under the Universal Law of One.

All is One. Everything is interconnected. When this Law is obeyed, there is no need for an individual to struggle, or to compete with anyone or anything, as this would be the individual attacking, or competing with oneself. Under this Law, we respect one another as ourselves, living in truth and integrity towards oneself and another, as everything is One. Under the Universal Law of One, we intend to increase the qualities of happiness, love and beauty for every being, in every world and every reality. Under the Universal Law of One, we commit to weaving the Webs of the Multiverse into harmonious patterns, and taking responsibility of our personal karma, as this karma is the Karma of All. The Universal Law of One is one of the foundational Laws that Underlies every other Law of The Universe, therefore creating the Nature of Reality.

We are working towards raising the consciousness and vibration of the Planet Earth, Collective Human Consciousness and are here to assist in the Ascension of Planet Earth and the Creation of the Golden Galaxy. All energy, in form of monetary funds or other form, that flows through this company, is transformed into Love and Healing for All.

We are asking from our brothers and sisters to respect this Universal Law and to approach us in Love and Integrity.

In The End, Only Kindness Matters.