Black Obsidian Yoni Egg/ Medium-Large

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg/ Medium-Large


Recommended only for women who have done prior emotional/ trauma release work - this crystal is extremely powerful healer, and will start moving trauma and blockages very powerfully out of the physical body and other levels. The size is between medium and large, very suitable for someone who has given birth or has a naturally more spacious Yoni.

Black Obsidian works with the Root Chakra, and cleanses all negative energies from the subtle levels and starts to bring into the surface the traumas that are stored in the physical body. Helps cutting ties with past relationships or people who you have had a negative attachment with. Helps to ground you into Mother Gaia, and to release disharmony, fear and anger.

If you need help with choosing the right Yoni Egg for you, please book your FREE consultation with Emma before you purchase your Yoni Egg.

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