White Jade Yoni Egg/ Small

White Jade Yoni Egg/ Small


This Yoni Egg is very small! Recommended for women who have already worked with Yoni Eggs. Also if you have extreme tightness in your Sacred Yoni, it is good to start from small egg and then slowly work up to a medium size.

White Jade Yoni Egg holds powerful light within the stone, that purifies your heart and helps to align high spiritual energies, brings peace and calm, eases a troubled mind and brings energies of love into your life. Helps to improve fertility and healing the female reproductive organs. Works on the Crown Chakra and Soul Star chakras, and all upper gateways. Helps with aligning you with the Divine, your Higher Mind and opening the consciousness. Purity, wisdom and integrity.

If you need help with choosing the right Yoni Egg for you, please book your FREE consultation with Emma before making your purchase!

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