Yoni Egg Clear Quartz/ Large

Yoni Egg Clear Quartz/ Large


Large Quartz Crystal Yoni Egg is suitable for a woman who has given birth to one or more babies, or has a naturally more spacious yoni. Notice, that this particular Large Yoni Egg is almost double the size of the medium.

”The Supreme Gift of Mother Earth” Quartz Crystal is a beautiful all-around healer, bringing lots of light into the body. Quartz has played a key role in human kind’s evolutionary development. Highly valued by healers, very powerful in storing information, can be easily programmed for different uses. Cleanses and sucks out negative energies, holding in itself the whole spectrum of light.

If you need help with choosing an egg, or would like to ask something, book your FREE Yoni Egg consultation with Emma before purchasing the egg!

More information on Violeta Labella and her yoni eggs on: yoniegg.rocks

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